Real learning should be immersive

At Campus of Things we value ambition, passion and action.

At Campus of Things we value ambition, passion and action.

We empower both educators and learners to reach their full potential

Our Mission.

The idea of Campus of Things was established in 2019 with the intention to accomplishing a social mission – To deliver a rich and immersive learning and development experience that is universally accessible by all.

  Did you know

90% of Information processed by the brain is visual
Learners absorb at least 25% more material when learning online
85% of Learners display increased critical thinking and problem-solving skills

Our Approach.

We are inspired by technology that has revolutionized how people share, connect and consume information.  We hope to improve how people learn and are taught.  We believe that teaching and learning should be immersive and with the right tools, access to quality content and proactive support everyone can improve performance and achieve their goal.

Personal Learning Journeys

We understand that each learner progresses at a different pace.  At Campus of Things every learner is guided by their own personalised learning journey enabled by the power of data science and artificial intelligence.

Individual Attention

At Campus of Things each learner is seen to be unique, bringing with them their own personalities and learning styles.  We take care in understanding and becoming aware of a learner’s capabilities and areas of improvement to provide them with the individual attention they need to succeed.

Design by Visualization

Campus of Things embraces the power of edutainment through the use of mixed media, trans-media storytelling, game centric development to maintain the learners ability to conceptualize learning concepts and theories.

Educators Who Care

Now more than ever, your child deserves the best with educators who love teaching – teaching learners to love learning :-).  Campus of Things innovations match educators and learners to provide proactive coaching and support.

Live Classes

Live classes at Campus of Things provide a sense of realism to the traditional brick and mortar environment whilst bringing learners the convenience of connecting anytime, anywhere.

Extracurricular Activities

It’s not just about academic excellence, but Campus of Things also incorporates a holistic development environment to build social and emotional well-being.

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Meet the Team.

Atulkumar Patel

Founder & CEO


Co-founder & Master Tutor


Co-founder & Master Tutor


AI Chatbot


Office Companion


Office Companion


If you are passionate about teaching and want to assist us in introducing the “L❤️VE TO LEARN” concept in more creative ways, then this is the right place for you.  It’s a great opportunity to work on an important education mission and join a team that is fun and talented.

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Virtual Tutor

Our expert Virtual Tutors will help you to secure your future high school and university grades.

1-1 coaching on-demand.

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Earn your right to fast-track your success and to achieve the Matric results you want.

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What Our Parents and Students Say

Some kind words from our respected clients


Simran, thank you for being the best tutor ever!  You went above & beyond for our children.  You came to every lesson on time, thoroughly prepared, bringing a sense of calm with you.  You exhibited patience, care & I sensed your focus is to assist your pupil, rather than the pursuit of money.  We wish you well in your endeavors & know that those who allow your mentorship are sure to succeed. With thanks & best wishes,

The Schroders

South Africa [Grade 9 | 10 | 11 | 12]


Havisht was my tutor back in 2020 and he tutored me for maths.  He was very patient and wanted me to succeed.  He would make sure that if I didn’t understand something he wouldn’t stop trying until I knew exactly what to do.  He has a lot of knowledge in what he does and I would definitely recommend him.  Also when I got my results back I did very well.

Nic Erasmus

South Africa [Grade 12]

“The Best!”

Havisht was a world class tutor with all the care in the world.  He wouldn’t leave unless I understood a concept.  Luckily with his good teaching he never ended up staying for long!!  Highly recommended!

Tristan Mortimer

South Africa [Grade 10 | 11 | 12]

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